Who do you want in your corner?

By Ros Burton (Principal – The Real Estate People)

I was having a look back through our media archives and came across this story I had written towards the end of the Covid crisis. 

Hopefully the worst of the pandemic is now long behind us, but my thoughts back then ring just as true today. See if you agree. 

I had a customer come to see me at our office and we got talking about the impact of the virus and what it takes to be a leader under the most difficult of circumstances. 

Out discussion kept coming back to what a difference experience makes…in every facet of our lives… and it gave me a chance to talk-up my work colleagues a bit. 

We laugh that we’ve all seen a good many summers and have probably missed our chance to put a calendar out. But those years have also allowed us to get the runs on the board in the real estate game. 

It’s that industry experience that our landlords and tenants appreciate (but expect at the same time) and rightly so. 

Do you want the mechanic with 30 years’ experience working on your car or the apprentice on his first day? 

Do you want the battlefield surgeon with a scalpel in hand or the student straight out of med school? 

Do you want Johnathan Thurston getting the ball with a minute to go or do you want the rookie making his debut? 

I’ll take the champion every time. 

The young ones will have their chance to shine, it will definitely come…but only if they have that experience around them. To guide. To nurture. 

Good leaders lead, but great leaders share their craft; and that collective knowledge base makes everyone a better employee because, together, you have every workplace scenario covered. 

No matter what happens, you have the answer. 

Our office has been truly blessed in that respect. 

My girls have ‘been in their share of rodeos’ and they’ve seen it all. 

We could write a book…not that we will. 

Our work ethos has a familiar ring to the glittering lights of Vegas – what happens in the office STAYS in the office. 

Integrity and discretion – they’re a couple of extra traits that experience brings as well. 

If you’d like to know how we do things differently, then give us a call anytime – we’d love to help you.